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ExCAPE: Expeditions in Computer Augmented Program Engineering


The educational mission of ExCAPE is along the following four thrusts:

(1)  Intelligent Tutoring Software:
The technology developed by ExCAPE has the potential to revolutionize the way computing concepts are taught. Building on the core technology used in program synthesis, the ExCAPE team plans to develop smart tutoring software that can analyze students’ answers for conceptual errors and generate additional problems tailored to that student.  This tutoring software will be developed for representative high-school and undergraduate courses and will be made widely available.

(2)  K-12 Education:
ExCAPE will partner with existing programs for high school students at collaborating institutions (for example, WICS and SAAST at Penn) that are aimed at getting high school students excited about careers in computer science and engineering.  Our research vision that "programming does not mean coding" is synergetic to the goals of these programs.  We will prepare course modules, to be used in these programs, allowing students to focus on computational thinking more than mundane coding details.

(3) Summer School:
Foundations of ExCAPE tools are drawn from a number of disciplines including program analysis, model checking, controller synthesis, constraint solvers, computational learning, and hybrid systems.  To provide researchers with cross-disciplinary training in all these areas, one-week summer school is planned. The summer school will be organized in 2013 and in 2015.

(4)  Annual Synthesis Competition:

To help drive community-wide progress in the computational tools for software synthesis, we propose to hold an annual synthesis competition, similarly to current SAT/SMT competitions.